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June 15 2017



You know what?  I’m just going to make this its own post:

Alright, folks–it’s time to put an end to this pathetic crybaby parade surrounding Thomas Sanders once and for all:

@reysistantis ​ found three separate posts–all from before this backlash occurred–in which Sanders explicitly states that people should be “of age” before drawing NSFW artwork of him.  These posts can be found here, here, and here.  So, no–not only did he not “encourage” minors to draw NSFW art of him, he actually discouraged it.

That “15-year-old” that you’ve been using as your personal platform has stepped forward about this incident:


They did not have their age on their blog at the time, and they also never told Sanders their age.  Sanders swiftly removed the artwork as soon as he was told.  The artist has stated that they want all of this to STOP.

Furthermore, no one is obligated to give you ANY of their personal information–NOT EVEN THEIR AGE.  Imagine if Sanders was a woman–would you still be this upset?  Would you have dared demand to know her age?  We all know you wouldn’t have said a single fucking thing if he wasn’t a “cis white guy”. In fact, you’d probably be attacking the artists instead. It is not his “fault” for not looking his age.  I myself constantly get mistaken at work for being 18-22 when I’m even older than Sanders.

Who writes all young adult novels?  Adults.  Who writes the screenplays for movies aimed at teens?  Adults.  Who writes the scripts for shows like Hey Arnold!, Gravity Falls, and other shows centered around groups of kids and teens?  Adults.   Being a student is something nearly everyone can relate to.  It has been a source of comedy for decades because everyone can relate to it, and say “Yes, I remember this”.

I’m not even going to get into how he’s also suddenly–allegedly–“anti-Semitic” overnight, because y’all are honestly going through everything this man has ever done, and looking for anything to vilify him.  You need to think about how ABSOLUTELY FUCKING PATHETIC, OBSESSED, AND DISTURBING that looks to literally everyone else.  And as for “inclusionist” somehow being an insult: GLAAD has already accepted asexuality and aromantics into the LGBT community, and I’m pretty damn sure they’re more qualified to do so than YOU.  The LGBT community is not a sandbox.  It is not a finite space, so stop acting like accepting asexuals somehow leaves less room for anyone else.  How fucking selfish are you that you don’t want the community to have greater numbers, and thus greater reach and influence?

Lastly, just because you discovered that he wasn’t part of your age demographic, that doesn’t mean you were “betrayed” or “lied to”.  Sanders also has NO CONTROL WHATSOEVER over who his fan base is comprised of.  You think Robert Englund knew I was a Freddy Krueger fan since I was a little girl in Minnie Mouse dresses?  Hardly.  Besides that, where’s your proof that his fan base is “mostly minors”?  Because a lot of you think that tumblr is “mostly minors” when minors actually make up only 15% of this site’s user base.  Y’all honestly think you own everything, huh?

All of you are being disgustingly entitled.  Sanders never owed you a fucking thing, and–let’s face it–at least some of you feel as though it should have been you that became popular online, and resent him for gaining popularity through humor that you selfishly think “belongs” only to you.  So, now, you’re actually riding on his popularity through trying to tear him down, which is legitimately petty and disgraceful.




is it just me or is anyone else just lowkey always down to rewatch Ouran Highschool Host Club? 





tbh the people i’ve met who really empathize with villains are people who have been villainized in their own lives and unjustly made to feel like they’re bad people by those around them. They doubt themselves and instinctively want to support disliked and obviously flawed characters, characters doomed to fail, and attempt to find the good in those characters that no one in their own lives see in them.

real evil people don’t relate to villains, they see themselves as the hero. :\

This really holds to my theory that the best villains are played by actors who are genuinely good people. Compare Jared Leto’s abominable work as the Joker to the villainous prowess of Vincent Price, Anthony Hopkins, Mark Hamill, and my BAE Wentworth Miller.

Good people know what villainy is, so they know how to portray it. Bad people don’t.

Reblogging again for this commentary

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I’m super happy with how it came out and you can find the purple ghostly trio on a variety of products

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June 14 2017



Saw Wonder Woman

- Gal Gadot single-handedly defeated the patriarchy in under 3 hours

- If your name is Steve stay away from airplanes

- Chris Pine is the prettiest Damsel In Distress ever

- Diana and Steve are human embodiment of “Hold my flower” “Kick his ass baby, I got your flower” meme

- Professor Lupin has been up to some shit

- There’s a bit where Steve is all “It’s called No Mans Land cause no man can cross it” and Diana is all “I am no man ™ ”  and fuckin crosses it



All im saying is we both got $2 if we put it together we can get a 4 for 4 from Wendy’s and split it



he’s coming to get you

he’s coming to get you

he’s coming to get you

he’s here

he got you



Metal like butter

Machines and videos by Iscar


quick queer rant



im really tired of people within the LGBTQ+ community pointing fingers at each other and saying “you don’t really belong because you benefit from [insert type of privilege here]”

a cishet asexual still suffers from marginalization. their sexuality has been pathologized as a mental illness right along with gayness and transness. in a hypersexual heternormative culture where we’re told we must enjoy sex and we must be in relationships, an asexual person is made to feel as if they’re broken, as if they don’t exist, as if forcing sex and intimacy on them is a corrective measure to “fix them”

a straight trans woman still suffers from marginalization. being able to “pass” as a woman while also being in a relationship with a man does not negate the fact that trans people face the most violence out of anyone in the queer community, must face a society that enforces a standard of womanhood that may not necessarily apply to them, and must navigate a political climate that seeks to banish them from public spaces and paint them as criminals

a bisexual man in a relationships with a woman still suffers from marginalization. compulsory heterosexuality not only erases this identity but enforces this idea that bisexuality is a phase or a kink that can soon be grown out of. bisexuality is the largest subset of the LGBTQ+ community yet has the least amount of representation and leaves bi people more likely to have mental illnesses. being constantly recloseted when you date different genders has psychological and emotional consequences

individuals in a polyamorous relationship still suffer from marginalization. they exist in a society that hails monogamy as the only acceptable relationship model and attempts to make polyamorous individuals feel as if their relationships are abnormal, deviant, and inappropriate for children. they are treated as the example of what not to do, seeing as how society fails to acknowledge the breadth of relationship models that don’t necessarily have to include just two people. 

examples like these can go on and on and on and on

these critiques also exist without the context of race, ethnicity, immigration status, ability, and/or religion. we’re so focused on worrying about whether certain queer identities even belong in the LGBTQ+ umbrella yet fail to see how whiteness, Christianity, citizenship laws, access to disability services, etc. further compound on the experiences of those who are told by a cishet world that we are abnormal. 

and that’s what it comes down to: there is a formula for privilege in our society, and part of that formula involves being straight, being cis, wanting to marry, desiring sex, and believing in only two genders. queerness was always meant to represent those who live in opposition of those formulas, in opposition of systems that enforce and perpetuate those formulas. 

our job is not to gatekeep our community because that is childish and unproductive. our job is to understand the systems that oppress us, figure out how to navigate/change these systems, and advocate for all people who fall victim to the violence and oppression that these systems were created to enforce. 

we don’t do that by telling people that they don’t belong in our communities bc “they’re not as oppressed as we are.” this isn’t the oppression olympics. this is a time to fight, to love, and to advocate. 

fucking preach, thank you




female experiences:

  • being told it’s normal if your clothes hurts you and you have to endure it
  • being told it’s normal if sex hurts you and you have to endure it
  • not finding basic information about your biology and sexual organs through most of your life
  • being told that pain is a normal part of your life
  • being told that if you are a “good girl” you’ll endure it without complaint
  • being told you should be grateful for the rights you have and finding out in the past you wouldn’t even have these rights
  • getting brutally shut down if you try to stand up for yourself
  • getting forced into a role of serving men because “it’s woman’s job”
  • having your labor dismissed as worthless and stupid 
  • but you have to keep doing it anyway or you’ll get punished
  • anything you do is considered worth less and generally dismissed
  • realizing men’s work is praised and glorified even when they do harmful and environmentally destructive work for selfish purposes
  • realizing you can’t do anything about it and feeling less worthy even when you do more work and more necessary and useful work
  • having your compassion used against you
  • having your energy and emotional labor used by men who demand you to listen to them and comfort them and stroke their ego
  • being laughed at and invalidated and called slurs and insults when you try to talk about your own problems
  • being called selfish, dramatic, crazy, delusional and damaged when you expect basic decency and compassion
  • being treated like you’re insane and hysteric if you display any kind of anger at how badly you’re being treated
  • feeling infuriated at double standards and for how harshly you’re judged and punished while men can get away with anything
  • doubting your own senses and considering if you really are crazy
  • being ignored as a human being, your intelligence dismissed, only thing that seems to have any worth is your body but you get shamed, objectified, sexualized, used, violated, predated on and hurt 
  • hating your body and wishing it was a different body, one that nobody would hurt and violate
  • feeling completely helpless and alone

Being told that all of the above is in your head.

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Batman explains who will really win in Batman v Superman.

#god bruce’s face#‘wonder woman doesn’t have weakness clark’#‘wonder woman is flawless and perfect clark’#‘wonder woman could probably destroy the earth if she wanted to and I couldn’t stop her clark’#‘we’re all fucking doomed clark’

did he just make that wonder woman case special only to keep it empty for a fucking dramatic reveal


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I’m laughing so hard at this you have no idea. The god of war is commenting on the fact that Diana headbutted a freaking tank

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I thought I was prepared for the season finale of OITNB --- I was wrong.



I am, what the kids call, fucking ugly



i love ignoring things….. people…. problems …. responsibilities……feelings…..



do you ever just wonder how far ahead you’d be in life if you didnt have a mental illness or if your family wasn’t dysfunctional or if that one tragic thing never happened and it just fucks you up??

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